Nate & Margaret

Release date:June 22, 2012

Studio:Breaking Glass Pictures

Director:Nathan Adloff

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Natalie West, Tyler Ross, Gaby Hoffmann

Genre:Drama, Romance

Plot Summary:

"Nate & Margaret" asks the question: What if your best friend was your only friend? Nate, a 19-year-old film student, and Margaret, a 52-year-old spinster with a coffee mug addiction, are best friends in an odd, quirky, totally working kind of way…until Nate's audacious classmate Darla sets him up on a date with James. Nate's new romance shakes up his friendship with Margaret, who goes off on her own to pursue her lifelong dream of being a stand-up comedian. As Nate and Margaret attempt to navigate their new lives apart, they come to realize just how important true friendship really is. "Nate & Margaret" shows that age really does not matter in the grand scheme of life, love, and friendship. "Nate & Margaret" is a tale as old as time, but a fresh twist as a 21st century gay Harold and Maude.