My First Wedding

Release date:August 18, 2006

Studio:Cinema Libre Studio

Director:Laurent Firode

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for sexual content and language)


Starring:Rachael Leigh Cook, Kenny Doughty, Paul Hopkins, Valerie Mahaffey, Caroline Carver

Genre:Comedy, Romance

Plot Summary:

Just days before her wedding a beautiful bride-to-be, Vanessa (Rachael Leigh Cook) is experiencing uncontrollable & wild fantasies about every male she lays eyes on. What's a girl to do? In this comic tale… seek the nearest church, hide in a confessional and reveal (in detail) these uncontrollable urges to the local priest. Unbeknownst to Vanessa, her "priest" has been swept off his feet and fallen for this future bride. Oops, and our hunky priest, Nick (Kenny Doughty), forgot to mention he's not really the priest, just the local carpenter hired to repair the confessional. Watch this one-time playboy follow his heart while giving a sermon in praise of lust, conducting a wedding ceremony, tagging along on the newlyweds honeymoon, and pretending to be possessed by the devil all in order to capture Vanessa's affections and win the woman of his dreams.