Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America

Release date:July 22, 2005

Studio:First Run Features

Director:Kelly Duane

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:David Brower, Stewart Udall, Martin Litton, Jerry Mander, Floyd Dominy


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Plot Summary:

From the moment David Brower first witnessed the extraordinary beauty of the Yosemite Valley, his life was tied to the fight to preserve the American wilds for future generations. Not since John Muir had an American fought so hard, or been more successful, in protecting our natural heritage. His fiery dedication and activism helped inspire the modern day environmental movement. Monumental explores the beautiful, dramatic, and lyrical story of Brower and his colleagues’ unrelenting campaigns – fought through lobbying, art, and hard hitting advertising – to protect and establish some of our most treasured national parks. At the center of the film are the themes that absorbed Brower throughout his life: the threatened beauty of the American earth, the spiritual connection between humans and the great outdoors, and the moral obligation to preserve what is left of the world’s natural wonders.