Milarepa: Magician, Murderer, Saint

Release date:September 7, 2007

Studio:Luminous Velocity Releasing

Director:Neten Chokling

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Orgyen Tobgyal, Kelsang Chukie Tethtong, Jamyang Lodro, Jamyang Nyima

Genre:Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Plot Summary:

"Milarepa: Magician, Murderer, Saint." It is a story of greed and vengeance, of demons, magic, murder-and redemption. It is an ancient tale that bears a timeless message about the futility of revenge. Nine hundred years after his death, the visionary, sorcerer, saint, and poet Milarepa remains Tibet's greatest mystic. Yet his youthful rage and black magic brought death and destruction upon his enemies and suffering to his family. Milarepa depicts the humble beginnings of the man who was to become Tibet's greatest saint. A true story based on centuries-old oral traditions, a youthful Milarepa is propelled into a world of sorrow and betrayal after his father's sudden death. Destitute and hopeless, he sets out to learn black magic and exact revenge on his enemies, encountering magicians, demons, an enigmatic teacher and unexpected mystical powers along the way. But it is in confrontation with the consequences of his anger that he learns the most. Milarepa was filmed on location in the spectacular Spiti Valley on the Tibet-India border and produced with a crew of 50 Buddhist monks from Pema Ewam Chogar Gyurme Ling Monastery. The story offers a provocative parallel to the cycle of violence and retribution consuming today's world.