Merry Christmas

Release date:December 6, 2013

Studio:Fern Films

Director:Anna Condo

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Alexandra Stewart, Antony Langdon,


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Plot Summary:

As the stock market tumbles, nine New Yorkers forgo their annual Christmas in Aspen, and opt for a more modest celebration in a Pennsylvanian B&B, complete with a disco murder-mystery game. Donning elaborate costumes (also designed and made by Anna Condo) the stage is set circa 1974 for The Disco Lounge, a seedy nightclub in downtown Manhattan. As the game and the weekend unravel, it is the players themselves who prove to be the true oddballs. Prejudice and self-pity seep through furs and boas as everyone argues about everything from God to Freud to Fox News. But when a wandering stranger arrives at the back door, these self-entitled jet setters struggle to maintain their delusional views.