Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise

Release date:March 13, 2008

Studio:Voom HD Networks

Director:Bruce David Klein

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Meat Loaf

Genre:Documentary, Music

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Plot Summary:

Some call him an iconic singer, others an unlikely film star. His friends and family just call him "Meat." What is it about this one performer that has allowed him to pop up in so many offbeat cultural landmarks over the years - from "Hair" to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," from "Paradise" to the "Dashboard Lights" to "Fight Club" to "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)?" "Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise" documents the rise and fall and rise again of a man who can arguably be called the least likely rock star of all time. Actor, performer and multi-platinum rock icon Meat Loaf reveals surprising shades of himself -- and a fertile creative mind in constant flux -- in this intimate and highly entertaining theatrical feature documentary that was celebrated as an official selection of the 2007 Montreal World Film Festival.