Marilyn's Man

Release date:November 28, 2004

Studio:Viking Films

Director:Schani Krug

MPAA Rating:PG (for language and thematic elements)


Starring:Jim Dougherty, Tony Curtis, Larry King, Jack Lemmon, Groucho Marx, Marilyn Monroe, Evegenia Nesterarova, Jane Russell


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Plot Summary:

Marilyn's Man is a 92 minute Feature Documentary that debunks the myths about Marilyn Monroe and her legacy. Through the eyes of Jim Dougherty, the truth about Marilyn Monroe and her early life as Norma Jeane Baker is revealed in captivating interviews with this Renaissance Man. Clearly, without Jim Dougherty, Marilyn Monroe would never have morphed into the Icon Hollywood Superstar that she became. Most importantly, Jim was her Svengali, her first lover, and her friend for life. Even though Hollywood seduced Marilyn into the world of bright lights and stardom, she still yearned for Jim, despite the veiled threat of ruining her meteoric career. In effect, the Hollywood moguls threatened her, and beguiled her into leaving Jim Dougherty, her doting husband and friend for the lure of mega-money and celebredom. But the price was steep, and she was victimized by the nefarious world of Tinsel Town.