Release date:August 17, 2007

Studio:Hyperion Pictures

Director:Willard Carroll

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Ali Larter, Salman Khan, Nandana Sen, Ian Bohen

Genre:Romance, Musical

Plot Summary:

In the first co-production between the United States and India, "Marigold," a Bollywood-meets-Hollywood musical, tells the story of American actress Marigold Lexton (Larter) traveling to India to find her life is about to be transformed in the most unexpected ways. Marigold arrives in India with no luggage and a bad attitude. Stranded in Goa when financing for her low-budget Hollywood movie falls apart, Marigold finds herself cast in a small role in a Bollywood musical. Eager to prove herself, she enlists the aid of the films choreographer Prem (Khan). After several false starts - Marigold is not a skilled dancer - she experiences renewed confidence and a growing love for Prem. In rapid succession, Marigold discovers Prem is not only descended from royalty but is also promised to a beautiful Indian girl, Janvi (Nandana Sen), in a fast-approaching arranged marriage. Another complication for Marigold involves the unexpected arrival of her boyfriend Barry (Ian Bohen). Is Marigold's and Prem's love for one another strong enough to prevail?