Lower City (Cidade Baixa)

Release date:June 16, 2006

Studio:Palm Pictures

Director:Sérgio Machado

MPAA Rating:R (for strong sexual content, nudity, language, some violence and drug use)


Starring:Alice Braga, Harildo Deda, José Dumont, Ricardo Luedy, Olga Machado, João Miguel, Wagner Moura, Lazaro Ramos, Débora Santiago


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Plot Summary:

Deco and his best pal Naldinho are co-owners a small cargo boat. They give 20-year-old Karinna a ride down the coast, paying for her services along the way. At a cock fight in a coastal town, a brawl breaks out and Naldinho is nearly killed. Deco defends his friend, and, while nursing him back to health, falls hard for the ever-available Karinna. At first, Naldinho teases Deco about giving his heart to a whore, but in the end he finds himself just as infatuated. Jealousy separates the trio, then desire brings them back together.

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