Live Girls

Release date:TBD


Director:Rob Green

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Ray Winstone

Genre:Thriller, Horror

Plot Summary:

Mild mannered Davey visits a strip club for the first time in his life and is spellbound by diabolically sexy dancer Anya, but following a wild night of ecstasy he's bewildered to discover himself changing in ways he can't understand, and consumed by cravings that can't be quenched. Returning to the club seeking answers, Davey encounters grizzled private eye Benedeck who's tracked down his family's murderers to the same address, and together they discover the horrific truth about Davey's condition and Benedeck's family. The club and its irresistibly seductive dancers are more than they appear to be, and for Davey to save his abducted girlfriend and Benedeck to exact revenge, they must enter a nest of immortal, blood sucking ghouls whose sexuality is as deadly as their fangs.