Lion's Den

Release date:July 3, 2009

Studio:Strand Releasing

Director:Pablo Trapero

MPAA Rating:N/A

Screenwriters:, , ,

Starring:Martina Gusman, Elli Medeiros, Rodrigo Santoro, Laura Garcia, Tomas Plotinsky, Leonardo Sauma


Plot Summary:

Julia (Martina Gusman, who also executive produced) comes to one morning in her apartment, surrounded by the signs of a violent struggle. There are also two men there: Ramiro is still alive; Nahuel is dead. She's been involved with both of them and is now pregnant. Julia is sent to a prison housing mothers and expectant mothers. Inside, she grows close with Marta, a fellow inmate who has reared two children in prison and who becomes her guide and counselor. Meanwhile, Julia's mother, Sofía, returns to Buenos Aires and attempts to repair the mistakes of the past; she helps her daughter, gets her a good lawyer, sends her baby clothes, and slowly reestablishes their relationship. Julia gives birth to a boy, and finds herself adapting to motherhood almost against her will. And soon, she finds herself struggling to decide whether it's better for her son to be with his mother, in prison, or without her, in freedom. "Lion's Den" was shot mostly inside maximum-security prisons, with real inmates as extras--the first time an Argentinean prison granted such access to a film. Some of the guards, matrons and keepers in the film were also played by real staff of the Bonaerense Penitentiary System.