Release date:September 26, 2014
(NY; LA release: October 3)

Studio:Strand Releasing

Director:Hong Khaou

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Ben Whishaw, Cheng Pei Pei, Peter Bowles, Morven Christie, Andrew Leung


Plot Summary:

The project is about people falling in love without a common language and details the story of a Chinese mother (Pei Pei) as she grieves for her son (Leung) following his untimely death. He was her eyes and ears in the U.K., their adopted country, and without him she is stranded. The only person left is his lover (Whishaw) – who she knows only as his roommate. Together they are forced to overcome their differences and unite in sorrow whilst struggling against the absence of a shared language. The movie is backed by FilmLondon's ultra-low budget filmmaking funding strand Microwave, a cashpool that has previously birthed iLL Manors, British rapper Ben Drew's directorial debut.