Let Them Eat

Release date:September 1, 2006

Studio:Poetica Films

Director:Leslie Cottle

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Leslie Cottle, Mark Camacho, Pauline Little, Marcel Jeannin, Derek Dugas


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Plot Summary:

"Let Them Eat" is a poetic and haunting journey which spans from the turbulent time of the French Revolution to present day. From the prison cell of the former Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, to Bella, a woman who seems to be leading a parallel life with a deep connection to the former queen. Seamlessly drifting from present to past, each woman's story unfolds while both struggle to make peace with their past before one leaves the Earth and so the other can embrace her future. Laced within the story are beautiful spoken word poems which delve deep into the hearts and souls of our two heroines exposing their secret world of passion, lust, pain, love and triumph. This is a story of great courage, strength and ever-lasting love which bridges the two lives and the two women together forever. Let Them Eat... "Release your past and embrace your future."