Le Captial

Release date:TBD



MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Gabriel Byrne, Vincent Cassel, Mathieu Kassovitz

Genre:Drama, Comedy

Plot Summary:

Based on the novel by Stéphane Osmont - with further inspiration from the essay “Total Capitalism” by former Credit Lyonnais president Jean Peyrelevade - the film is a harsh look at the banking system with Kassovitz set to play Marc Tourneuil, the head of Europe’s Phoenix Bank who is facing a hostile takeover from U.S. hedge fund companies, while making a play to acquire a debt-laden Japanese bank. Byrne will play one of the new shareholders of Phoenix. The globe-trotting film which will span Paris, London, New York, Davos and Tokyo was written by the director’s son and filmmaker Romain Gavras (”Our Day Will Come”).