Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Release date: January 16, 2014
(2D theaters and IMAX, p.m. screenings)

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Director: Kenneth Branagh

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for sequences of violence and intense action, and brief strong language)


Starring: Chris Pine, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner, Peter Andersson, Kenneth Branagh, David Paymer, Colm Feore

Genre: Action, Adventure, Suspense

Duration: N/A

Copyright Holder: N/A

Copyright: N/A

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Plot Summary:

Based on the Jack Ryan character created by bestselling author Tom Clancy, the film is a contemporary action thriller set in the present day. The original story, written by David Koepp, follows a young Jack as he uncovers a financial terrorist plot.

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