Into the Fire

Release date:September 23, 2005

Studio:Slow Hand Releasing

Director:Michael Phelan

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Sean Patrick Flanery, Melina Kanakerades, Ed Lauter, Pablo Schreiber, Ron McLarty, JoBeth Williams, Lydia Jordan


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Plot Summary:

The New York City Harbor Patrol's jurisdiction lives where the concrete ends and the water begins. Walter Hartwig Jr., a man to whom the unit represents his family and life, is the Lieutenant in charge on this night. As a jumbo jet crashes on final approach into Kennedy, Walter's tragic past seeps through his soul, causing him to lose... everything. Catrina Hampton is a music teacher at a Brooklyn grade school. Her twin sister Sabrina, always a nudge better than she, had just performed with the London Symphony... a dream they had shared as children. On this night, Catrina awaits the return of Sabrina, her one guarantee that she would never be alone. June Sickles is a beautiful woman, embodied by an even more auspicious spirit. She lives and breathes every day with the truth of having lost her firefighter son on 9-11 and now lives with her granddaughter Quinn, whom he left behind. They live in a quaint house on a quiet street in Brooklyn, not far from the very firehouse that her boy called home. On a night like any other, tragedy will strike. On this night, these three souls will not simply intersect, but collide, initiating their inevitable dance with the divine.