I Play with the Phrase Each Other

Release date:TBD


Director:Jay Alvarez

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Will Hand, Megan Kopp, Jay Alvarez, Alexander Fraser

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Crime

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Plot Summary:

Jake is a neurotic young man who is persuaded by his friend Sean to leave his hometown to live in the big city. Sean is an eccentric poet who survives by swindling inexperienced customers on Craigslist. Upon arriving, Jake finds that Sean has disappeared and - alone, jobless, homeless, and broke - he struggles to fit into the city’s bleak, nocturnal landscape. Through riveting phone conversations the details of Jake’s strained relationships with distant friends, former lovers, and forgotten family are revealed. Filmed in a stark monochrome against a backdrop of recession stricken America, I PLAY WITH THE PHRASE EACH OTHER is the first feature film composed entirely of cell phone calls (and was shot on an iPhone). In it screenwriter and director Jay Alvarez, along with his talented ensemble cast, has created a world that is both familiar and completely fantastical.