I Like Killing Flies

Release date:July 28, 2006


Director:Matt Mahurin

MPAA Rating:R (for pervasive language)


Starring:Kenny Shopsin, Eve Shopsin, Calvin Trillin


Plot Summary:

In his feature debut, noted artist illustrator and video-director Mahurin celebrates one of his favorite restaurants – and ours – Shopin's, a Greenwich Village institution, much beloved by its loyal clientele for decades. With over 900 items on his menu, all conjured up in his Rube Goldberg-style kitchen the size of a walk-in closet, Kenny Shopsin is chef de cuisine and proprietor. When there is a lull in the cooking, he steps out from behind his Frankenstein stove and holds court, serving up morsels of wisdom and wit on life, death, sex, politics and even food. But, after 32 years in the same sheltered workshop, Kenny loses his lease and the family must now find a new location – a move vigorously supported both financially and logistically by customers who can't bear the thought of life without Shopsin's. Mahurin, himself one of the faithful, was asked to record the move for posterity, and what emerges is a hilarious and heartfelt hymn to individuality, independence, and idiosyncrasy – not just in the kitchen, but in life.