How to Seduce Difficult Women

Release date:October 30, 2009

Studio:Quadrant Entertainment Picture

Director:Richard Temtchine

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Philippe Saint-Pierre


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Plot Summary:

Before the Game... before players, pimps, and pickup artists, where was the art of seduction truly born? "How to Seduce Difficult Women" is about bringing American men back full circle to the roots of seduction, forged tirelessly throughout the centuries in France. Throughout the film, we get to witness a motley crew of clueless hopefuls get spoon fed the wit and wisdom that it takes to seduce difficult women, led by their womanizing French teacher, Philippe. Through Philippe’s seduction course and How-To-manual, he drops the skills to help this eclectic group of guys to find out how to capture the woman…or rather mate... of their dreams. However throughout this school, we get to see if the master womanizer himself has the ability to keep his game tight or if he is the one that really needs schooling. Along the way we also get a taste of real-life NYC street interviews on romance, sex and seduction to see how it all stacks up in real life.