Release date:December 1, 2006
(Atlanta, Houston)


Director:H.M. Coakley

MPAA Rating:R (for violence and language)


Starring:Shelli Boone, Young Sir, Charles Porter, Michael Bergin, Kimberly Barnett, Robbyne Manning, Tionne Williams, Brandon Phillips, Kali Hawk, Melissa-Anne Davenport

Genre:Comedy, Horror, Suspense

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Plot Summary:

Actress Monica St. John, her boyfriend Dwayne and six other close friends head for a weekend escape at a remote cabin in the mountains. Along the way, they pick up Dwayne's ex-con cousin Troy. Monica's agent arrives uninvited with his date, hoping to convince Monica to renew her contract. A severe thunderstorm moves in. While there, a news story seems to implicate Troy in a brutal murder. Just as Dwayne professes Troy's innocence, the lights go out and folk start dying. Is it Troy the convict, Greg the agent, Dwayne the boyfriend, or one of the "hater" friends? No one knows who's next.