Hard Goodbyes: My Father

Release date:September 16, 2005

Studio:Sipapu Films

Director:Penny Panayotopoulou

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Giorgos Karayannis, Ioanna Tsirigouli, Stelios Mainas, Despo Diamantidou, Christos Stergioglou, Christos Bougiotas

Genre:Drama, Family

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Plot Summary:

Hard Goodbyes: My Father tells the story of a lonely boy named Elias who makes a pact with his father to watch the moon landing of astronauts on television in 1969. Father and son love to recite the stories of Jules Verne, the man who had envisioned the "shot to the moon" a century earlier. Elias and his dad are adventurers and explorers who spend their time together spinning tales of the imagination that take them far away from their home in Athens, Greece and off to their imagined refuges on islands and in space. They even name the blue family car "Birbilo" and turn it into their own spaceship. Elias worships his father who is often away on business trips. One day, his father doesn't come back. That promise of watching the moon landing will go unkept and Elias must rely on their shared love of storytelling to transcend the unimaginable.