Guarding Eddy

Release date:October 28, 2005

Studio:Innovation Film Group

Director:Scott McKinsey

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Brian Presley, Kiko Ellsworth, Anna Maria Horsford, Lee Garlington, John Homa, Dominic Scott Kay, Paul Davidson


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Plot Summary:

This is the story of Eddy Patterson (Brian Presley), a likeable 18-year-old kid who suffers from mental disorders. He runs away to Los Angeles to actualize his lifelong dream of trying out for the LA Clippers professional basketball team. Hungry and alone in the strange and unforgiving city, Eddy ends up in a homeless shelter. The director of the shelter, Carol (Anna Maria Horsford), introduces him to his new Big Brothers, Mike Jeffreys (Kiko Ellsworth), a young African-American pro basketball player who has jeopardized his shot in the NBA with a knee injury. Mike serves at the shelter as part of his court ordered community service. What begins as a duty quickly turns to friendship as Eddy teaches Mike a profound life lesson about the power of never letting go of your dreams.