Gandhi My Father

Release date:January 1, 1970

Studio:Eros Entertainment

Director:Feroz Abbas Khan

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Darshan Jariwala, Akshaye Khanna, Bhumika Chawla, Shefali Shah


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Plot Summary:

Five months after the death of Mahatma Gandhi, his eldest son Harilal, died like a destitute in a hospital in Bombay, India. Unknown… Unsung... "Gandhi My Father" is a true story of one of the most revered father figures in contemporary history and his failed relationship with his own son. Somewhere in the shadows of the Great Man lived his son, roaming the streets of India like a beggar, converting to Islam as a rebellion, reconverting to Hinduism as penance and finally drinking himself to death. Starting out as a die-hard worker for Gandhi's ideals, Harilal aspired to be a beloved son and a Barrister like his father. Seed of tragedy was sown when Gandhi denied him the opportunity of British Law education in favor of his ideals and generosity toward others. Harilal's wife and innocent kids were other shareholders in this tragedy. Set against one of politically most turbulent times in India, the film tells an intensely personal story of a father struggling to resolve the destinies of his county and that of his son. Caught between her loyalty towards her husband and love for her son, is the poignantly emotional predicament of a mother. Mahatma Gandhi could transform the soul of a nation but could not save the soul of his own son.