Release date:September 24, 2010

Studio:Hyrax Films

Director:Cullen Hoback

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Ernest Thompson, Amy Mathison, August Thompson, Jeremy Mathison

Genre:Drama, Comedy

Plot Summary:

Taking unconventional storytelling to another level, filmmaker Cullen Hoback ("Monster Camp," 2007) travels to a private high school where he writes a script about a real couple and the student who comes between them. However, the scripted love triangle soon tangles with reality. In the face of teenage confusion and hormones, facades fall to true feelings, hidden truths are revealed and the thin line between fiction and reality starts to blur. Weaving the original “intended” film with rehearsals and documentary elements, "FrICTION" breaks the wall that separates fiction from reality, challenging the very real lives of everyone involved. What remains is a one-of-a-kind story that will leave you guessing long after its shattering conclusion.