Finding Vivian Maier

Release date:March 28, 2013

Studio:IFC Films

Directors:John Maloof, Charlie Siskel

MPAA Rating:N/A




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Plot Summary:

A provocative look at one of the most riveting stories in the art world, "Finding Vivian Maier" follows amateur historian John Maloof as he tried to piece together the complex puzzle of Vivian Maier and her work. Following Maloof’s discovery of thousands of negatives in a storage locker auction, he became obsessed with finding out more not just about the work, but the woman behind it. Working with producer Charlie Siskel to uncover the mystery, Maloof’s obsession led him to discover that Maier, who had died in 2009, had led an isolated life as a Chicago nanny. However, the more questions Maloof asked of the people who knew Vivian – the families who employed her, the extended family who barely knew her – the more questions that arose. Thanks to Maloof's efforts, critics and galleries have now rallied behind Maier's work, and The New York Times recognized her as "one of America's more insightful street photographers." "Finding Vivian Maier" is a discerning exploration into who Vivian Maier was and the ramifications of this new found attention.