Finding Home

Release date:April 29, 2005

Studio:Castle Hill Productions

Director:Lawrence David Foldes

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for thematic issues, sexual content and some violence)


Starring:Genevieve Bujold, Louise Fletcher, Justin Henry, Johnny Messner, Jeannetta Arnette, Jason Miller, Lisa Brenner


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Plot Summary:

Memories can be distorted, twisted and buried alive, but they are hard to destroy. They come back and visit us in unexpected, explosive and sometimes terrifying ways. Academy Award nominee Geneviève Bujold ("Anne of the Thousand Days"), Academy Award winner Louise Fletcher ("One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest") and Lisa Brenner ("The Patriot," "What Boys Like") star in this story of memories forged in rage, twisted by betrayal and burned into the mind of a young girl. Intricately woven with emotion and suspense, "Finding Home" is a powerful story of a young woman's journey to unravel the mysteries of her turbulent past. Since childhood, Amanda has been plagued with clouded memories of her traumatic removal from her grandmother and the place she loved dearly. Now she must confront her family’s troubled past and the pain she has long repressed when she is forced to return to her grandmother's enchanting bed and breakfast inn on a remote island off the New England coast. Through Amanda's fragmented remembrances, the events that shaped her childhood and tore her family apart begin to unfold – the legacy of secrets and betrayal, her conflicted feelings about the inn's young caretaker, the day her mother ripped her away from everything she loved – all leading to the final revelation that forces Amanda to re-evaluate her own life and values.