Film Geek

Release date:January 13, 2006
(Portland; NY release: February 10)

Studio:First Run Features

Director:James Westby

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Melik Malkasian, Tyler Gannon, Matt Morris


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Plot Summary:

"Film Geek" is a hilarious new comedy about Scotty Pelk, a socially inept video store clerk with an encyclopedic knowledge of film. He runs a website,, which receives zero traffic. He annoys his customers. He annoys his co-workers. And when he is inevitably fired from his video store job, Scotty finds refuge in Niko, a downtown hipster who teaches him a thing or two about love and life. But Niko's smarmy ex-boyfriend Brandon won't go away quietly. As Scotty's first love turns to obsession, his life begins to change in profound ways.