Fighting Tommy Riley

Release date:May 6, 2005
(NY, LA, SF)

Studio:Innovation Film Group

Director:Eddie O'Flaherty

MPAA Rating:R (for language and some sexual content)


Starring:Eddie Jones, J.P. Davis, Christina Chambers, Diane Tayler, Scot Belsky, Terrell Clayton, Paul Raci, Don Wallace


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Plot Summary:

Lonely and in poor health, trainer Marty Goldberg has been stuck working on the fringes of the professional circuit far too long. Searching for a way out, he discovers Tommy, a young man with raw talent to burn. Outside the ring however, Tommy displays a self-destructive streak that could end his career before it begins. As the two men begin to work together, they find it's not just Tommy's volatile tendencies that threaten their relationship, but also Marty’s painful past. Boasting some extraordinary performances that are by turns devastatingly poignant and vigorously uplifting, this debut feature by Eddie O'Flaherty is a powerful look at the world of men, both in and outside the ring.