Favela Rising

Release date:June 2, 2006


Directors:Jeff Zimbalist, Matt Mochary

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Anderson Sa

Genre:Documentary, Music

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Plot Summary:

"Favela Rising" tells the story of Anderson Sa, a former drug trafficker from Rio de Janeiro's most feared slum, who becomes a social activist and uses music and dance, inspired by the rhythms of his streets, to combat the violence and oppression that have affected generation after generation of impoverished teens. Sa's grassroots Afro-Reggae movement becomes a vital force in unifying a divided city, combating teenage drug armies, and overcoming police corruption. Then, at the height of his success, a tragic accident threatens to silence the movement forever. Filmed over more than two years in the most desperate neighborhoods of Rio, the film illustrates how art and culture can be catalysts for social change, and how even the most unexpected adversity, both personal and societal, can be overcome.