Far Side of the Moon

Release date:December 2, 2005

Studio:TLA Releasing

Director:Robert Lepage

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Robert Lepage, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Marco Poulin, Céline Bonnier, Gregory Hlady, Yves Amyot, Ricahrd Fréchette, Érika Gagnon.


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Plot Summary:

Before Galileo, it was believed that the moon was a polished mirror, its surface a reflection of the globe. In the 1960s, a Soviet lunar probe exposed the far side of the moon (which can never be seen from Earth) as scored and disfigured by storms of celestial debris. From this discovery, writer-director Robert Lepage crafts an engaging metaphor of mysterious dualities, juxtaposing sibling rivalry with the US-Soviet space race. Estranged brothers Philippe and André (dual performance by Lepage) relive childhood disputes as they dispose of the belongings of their recently deceased mother (Anne-Marie Cadieux). André, a gay, television meteorologist, has little in common with his older sibling Philippe, a forty-something doctoral student, who has repeatedly failed to defend his dissertation. But, when Philippe receives an invitation to Russia to present his theories on the competitive exploration of the cosmos, André is the only person to whom he can turn for support. With his fifth feature, internationally acclaimed Quebec phenom Lepage returns to adapting his own theatrical work for the screen. His previous works include Le Polygraphe and Nô. This one-man show makes the transition with ease. Shot using High Definition digital technology, and featuring a soundtrack by renowned Cirque du Soleil composer Benoit Jutras, Far Side of the Moon is a captivating, whimsical and gently funny, cinematic journey about a man who must find out what his purpose in life is.