Eye of the Dolphin

Release date:August 24, 2007

Studio:monterey media inc.

Director:Michael D. Sellers

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for some substance abuse involving a young teen)


Starring:Adrian Dunbar, George Harris, Carly Schroeder


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Plot Summary:

Fourteen year old Alyssa (Schroeder) has been living with her Grandmother Lucy (Ross) since the death of her mother a year ago. It's been a tough year for both of them and Lucy decides it's time for Alyssa to go to the Bahamas to live with Hawk (Dunbar), dedicated dolphin researcher and the father she never knew she had. Alyssa soon adjusts to island life and discovers the gift she shares with her father for communicating with dolphins, a skill which leads her into a powerful relationship with a wild dolphin which her father, for legitimate scientific reasons, cannot condone.