Release date:TBD

Studio:Darclight Films

Director:Steve Stone

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Charlotte Riley, Dervia Kirwan, Branko Tomovic

Genre:Thriller, Horror

Plot Summary:

A horror thriller that slides back and forth through time in order to connect the dots to a terrifying mystery. The story begins in a remote forest where 34 unidentified bodies were found in shallow graves and despite subsequent police investigations, no official explanation for their deaths was ever offered. The case was consequently closed. A decade later, the crew of Darkest Secrets, a reality TV show dedicated to uncovering the truth behind unsolved crimes, embarks upon a location shoot in the same remote forest. Assisting with the expedition is Ruth Peacock (Dervla Kirwan) a psychic whom the crew hope can shed some light on the mystery, but when the group stumbles across a derelict industrial site, they begin to discover the reality behind the mystery and its terrifying aftermath.