Elsa & Fred

Release date: June 27, 2008

Studio: Distrimax Inc, Mitropoulos Films

Director: Marcos Carnevale

MPAA Rating: N/A

Screenwriters: , ,

Starring: Blanca Portillo, Manuel Alexandre, China Zorrilla, Robert Carnaghl, Jose Angel Egido, Gonzalo Urtizberea, Omar Munoz

Genre: Romance, Biography

Duration: N/A

Copyright Holder: N/A

Copyright: N/A

Plot Summary:

"Elsa & Fred" is a romantic comedy about the irresistible power and total madness of love when two people who, at the end of the road, discover that it's never too late to love... or to dream. Elsa has dreamt for the past 60 years of the moment that Fellini had already envisaged: the scene in "La Dolce Vita" at the Fontana di Trevi. Her dream however is not of Anita Ekberg, but Elsa instead rising out of the fountain in all her glory, and without Marcello Mastroiani, but with her true love that took so long to arrive. Alfredo is a bit younger than Elsa, a reserved meticulous man who becomes the object of Elsa's desire. After losing his wife, he feels lonely and confused and his daughter decides that it would be best if he moved into a smaller apartment where he meets Elsa. From that moment on, everything changes. Elsa bursts into his life like a whirlwind, determined to teach him that the time he has left to live—be it more or less—is precious and that he should enjoy every minute of it. Fred surrenders to Elsa's frenzy, to her youth, to her boldness, to her beautiful madness. And this is how Alfredo (or Fred, as Elsa calls him), learns how to live.

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