Don't Tell

Release date:March 17, 2006
(NY, LA)


Director:Cristina Comencini

MPAA Rating:R (for sexual content, nudity, language and a brief violent image)

Screenwriters:, ,

Starring:Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Alessio Boni, Stefania Rocca, Angela Finocchiaro, Giuseppe Battiston, Luigi Lo Cascio


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Plot Summary:

Based upon the celebrated novel La Bestia nel Cuore, "Don't Tell" is the mesmerizing story of a woman's journey into her past and the aftermath of confronting personal demons long hidden beneath the surface of her psyche. At the heart of the film is Sabina (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), a beautiful young woman who seemingly has it all—a supportive and loving boyfriend, a comfortable lifestyle, and a promising future. But when Sabina learns she is pregnant, a normally celebratory occasion is clouded by a succession of haunting nightmares, strange memories, and personal insecurities that send Sabina's world spiraling out of control. While shunning the affections of her boyfriend Franco (Alessio Boni), Sabina flees to America where she seeks comfort from her brother Daniele (Luigi Lo Cascio) and his family. In the arms of her loved ones, Sabina uncovers truths so dark and disturbing that she begins to question her own instincts about life, love, and her future happiness, leading to an intense psychological climax that finds Sabina at a crossroads of redemption or destruction.