David & Layla

Release date:July 20, 2007

Studio:NEWROZ Films

Director:Jay Jonroy

MPAA Rating:R


Starring:David Moscow, Shiva Rose, Callie Thorne, Peter Van Wagner, Polly Adams

Genre:Comedy, Romance

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Plot Summary:

"David & Layla" is a political romantic comedy inspired by a true story that began with Kurdish writer/director Jay Jonroy's journey as an Iraqi refugee to become a naturalized American citizen, eventually living in the intersection of the Muslim and Jewish communities of New York. While studying in Paris, Jonroy met Alwand Jaff, aka 'Layla.' Jaff told him the story of her recent escape from Saddam's Baghdad where she had managed her family's Travel Agency. While in route to San Francisco to attend a Kurdish wedding, she met and fell in love with the Jewish David Ruby, who was returning home to Sillicon Valley.