Dark Floors

Release date:TBD

Studio:Ghosthouse Underground

Director:Pete Riski

MPAA Rating:R (for horror violence and disturbing images)


Starring:Lordi , Kita , Amen , Ox , Awa , Skye Bennett, Noah Huntley

Genre:Thriller, Horror, Suspense

Plot Summary:

Musical group Lordi was a major hype and revelation in 2007 with a (not-so-heavy) metal song called "Hard Rock Hallelujah" and appeared on stage dressed like hideous monsters. "Dark Floors", based on an idea by Lordi lead singer and starring the rest of the band in supportive roles - The immense budget (supposedly is the most expensive Finnish film ever) definitely assures greatly macabre set pieces and impressive make-up art. The film is set in a busy hospital where a bunch of people, among them a father and his young daughter with an unidentifiable illness, become trapped in the elevator during a power breakdown. When the doors open again, the floors are empty and it looks as if the hospital lies abandoned since many years already. Trying to reach the exit, the group stumbles upon several morbid and inexplicable obstacles, like eyeless corpses, screaming ghosts and Heavy Metal monsters emerging from the floors. AKA: "Red Chalk"