Release date:July 8, 2005
(NY, LA; wider release: July 22)

Studio:Palm Pictures

Director:Sebastián Cordero

MPAA Rating:R (for violence, a scene of sexuality, and language)


Starring:John Leguizamo, Damian Alcazar, Alfred Molina, Leonor Watling


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Plot Summary:

How far will a journalist go to get the story? Starring John Leguizamo as the man faced with this dilemma, "Cronicas" is a suspenseful thriller that questions who the true monster is: the criminal, the media, or our society? In theaters July 8th. The official Oscar selection from Ecuador in the Best Foreign Language Film category, "Cronicas" is the gripping new crime drama from sophomore writer/director Sebastian Cordero. Produced by acclaimed filmmakers Alfonso Cuaron and Guillermo del Toro, "Cronicas" stars John Leguizamo as Manolo Bonilla, a star reporter for a Miami-based tabloid TV show, who is determined to unearth a serial killer in a small town in Ecuador. But how far will Manolo go to get the story? An examination of journalistic ethics, the film explores the willingness of the media to surrender its morals for a shot at fame and profit.