Crazy Horse

Release date:January 18, 2012

Studio:Zipporah Films

Director:Frederick Wiseman

MPAA Rating:N/A




Plot Summary:

Everyone who marveled at Frederick Wiseman's masterful "La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet" (as well as those who missed it on screen) will want to feast their eyes on "Crazy Horse," his inside look at Paris's world-famous nude dance revue. The legendary erotic cabaret prides itself on the beauty of its women and the humor, fantasy and old-fashioned glitz that its productions lavish upon their seemingly flawless bodies. The show's choreographer Philippe Decouflé argues passionately for more time to perfect his newest show, Désir, as Wiseman and his longtime cinematographer, John Davey, record every bump and grind, slither and slink -- every sexual innuendo on stage, and now, on screen.