Conversations with Other Women

Release date:August 11, 2006
(NY, LA, SF; Chicago and Seattle release: August 25)

Studio:Fabrication Films

Director:Hans Canosa

MPAA Rating:R (for language and sexual content)


Starring:Aaron Eckhart, Helena Bonham Carter, Thomas Lennon, Brian Geraghty, Nora Zehetner, Erik Eidem

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance

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Plot Summary:

"Conversations with Other Women" tells the compelling story of a couple whose reunion at a wedding reception ignites a mysterious attraction for each other that is deeper and more emotionally perilous than they are willing to admit. At a New York City wedding reception, two guests, seemingly strangers, become entangled in a sexually-charged battle of wits. But as the night carries on in a cigarette smoke haze, the nameless couple's repartee deepens to reveal the passion of their two decades past love affair. Escaping the party for a hotel room, the two are soon gripped by their mutual past and the individual choices that lead them to the present. Unfolding entirely in split-screen, director Hans Canosa's feature debut is an unconventional and poignant love story.