Comeback Season

Release date:March 27, 2007

Studio:First Look Pictures

Director:Bruce McCulloch

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Ray Liotta, Shaun Sipos, Glenne Headly, Rachel Blanchard, Brooke Nevin

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance

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Plot Summary:

Deep in the heart of football country, Skylar Eckerman (Sipos) is a star. As quarterback of his high school football team, he's got the skills, the looks, and the girls. But he loses it all in one misstep, injuring his knee, his future and his status as a local star. Although not quite the hero compared to his next-door neighbor, Walter Pearce (Liotta) seems to be a loving husband, good father and all-round decent family man. He too loses it all when his office love affair crumbles his world and his wife Deborah (Headly) kicks him out of the house. Even worse, Walter's infidelity has taken place on the eve of his own anniversary and just prior to his other daughter, Chloe's (Blanchard) wedding. ("Good timing, Dad!") Both men behave badly and find themselves at the local jail. As it turns out, Skylar is Walter's neighbor and not Walter's favorite person. A year earlier Skylar broke Walter's daughter, Christine's heart and she took off to pursue an altruistic tree planting lifestyle. With the prospect of spending several weeks in jail, Walter and Skylar form an unlikely bond to help each other out. Walter moves in right next door at Skylar's house. The lines are drawn when Walter enlists Skylar's questionable help in getting Deborah back. Skylar meanwhile has his own epiphany and realizes he can't live without football and Christine and will do anything to get back in the game. Deborah, Walter's wife, takes up yoga and tries to rebuild her life after sticking pretty much to the "zero tolerance" rule. Christine returns from the woods to help protectively circle their mother with sister Chloe. The Pearce women make it clear that second chances are earned… and not that easily.