Cold Weather

Release date:February 4, 2011
(NY; LA release: February 11)

Studio:IFC Films

Director:Aaron Katz

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Chris Lankenau, Raúl Castillo, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Barry Seltzer

Genre:Comedy, Mystery

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Plot Summary:

After abandoning a promising academic career in forensic science, a self-styled Sherlock Holmes, Doug (Cris Lankenau), returns to Portland to live with his more responsible big sister Gail (Trieste Kelly Dunn). He lands a dead-end job working in an ice factory, but soon finds an opportunity to use his passion and skill in detective work when his ex-girlfriend, Rachel (Robyn Rikoon) goes missing. Enlisting a team of ramshackle slacker-sleuths, Doug leads his team down a complex trail of clues and increasingly close to the discovering the mysterious truth about Rachel. "Cold Weather" is a charming mystery -- simultaneously a rich detective story and an affecting tale of siblings uniting after years apart. With it's own idiosyncratic spin on familiar genre conventions, the film features the lyrical style, lush camera work and naturalistic performances that have established director Aaron Katz ("Dance Party USA," "Quiet City") as a major talent to watch.