Coffee, Kill Boss

Release date:TBD

Studio:Not Available

Director:Nathan Marshall

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Eddie Jemison, Robert Forster, Noureen DeWulf, Peter Breitmayer, Richard Riehle, Jack Wallace, Denise Grayson, Zibby Allen, W. Cameron Tucker, Chris Wylde

Genre:Thriller, Comedy

Plot Summary:

From its humble beginnings as a tannery for hog bellies, The Corporation has evolved into a vast holding company of depreciating land assets and superfund derivatives. Today, top management has gathered at headquarters--a high-rise in the midst of an industrial wasteland--to await an offer of acquisition that will make them rich beyond their dreams. The day starts badly when the CEO is found hanging from a noose in the boardroom. Management elects to ignore the importance of the situation lest this unfortunate news spoil the deal. But as they wait... And wait... And wait for The Offer to arrive, one executive after another winds up dead (foretold along the way by a sabotaged and sinister PowerPoint presentation). Suspicions mount as the body count rises, and those left alive must work together to find a killer before the killer finds them. One part "Office Space," one part "10 Little Indians" and one part Agatha Christie murder mystery--"Coffee, Kill Boss" is a small movie with enormous potential.