Release date:April 8, 2005
(limited release)

Studio:First Look Pictures

Director:Ray McKinnon

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Billy Bob Thornton, Ray McKinnon, Lisa Blount, Walton Goggins, Harry Dean Stanton, Harry Lennix, Grace Zabriskie, James Intveld, Colin Fickes, Max Kasch


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Plot Summary:

"Chrystal" is the story of a physically and emotionally damaged woman who is reunited with her husband, Joe. Sixteen years earlier while being chased by the law, Joe plunged the family car off a dark mountain road with Chrystal and their young son inside. Chrystal was left behind with a broken neck, Joe was sent to prison, and the boy was never found. Still inhabited by pain all these years later, Chrystal faces Joe, who has returned home from prison seeking to put back together the life that no longer exists. Together they must confront the past in order to discover their future. As Chrystal and Joe slowly reach out to one another, events once again, conspire to tear them apart. Chrystal’s feisty mother, Gladys (Grace Zabriskie) disapproves of Joe and his return. An old enemy named Snake, (writer/director Ray McKinnon), a gnarly, crank-snorting drug dealer, sees Joe as a threat and seeks to reel him in or take him out. Into this world of poverty, drugs, and at times, hilarious hillbilly hijinks comes Kalid (Harry Lennix), a blind African-American musicologist from Chicago who is studying the native mountain music of the region. It is through Kalid that Chrystal rekindles her forgotten love of her mountain roots, the mysteries of the land—its poetry, magic, music and history. But it is only through Joe, and his astonishing gesture, that Chrystal is able to truly renew her broken spirit. Also starring are co-producer Walton Goggins, Harry Dean Stanton, and James Intveld as a quiet, good-hearted sheriff.