Christmas in the Clouds

Release date:November 4, 2005
(limited; wide release: December 2)

Studio:Slowhand Cinema

Director:Kate Montgomery

MPAA Rating:PG (for mild sexual content and some language)


Starring:Tim Vahle, Sam Valhos, Sheila Tousey, Mariana Tosca, M. Emmet Walsh , Graham Greene, Jonathan Joss

Genre:Comedy, Romance, Family

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Plot Summary:

Kate Montgomery's film is a lighthearted tale that features an almost entirely Native American cast, and a refreshing take on tribal culture. Ray (Tim Vahle), the overly conscientious manager of his tribe's new luxury resort, finds that an anonymous critic has booked a suite for the holidays. Determined to get a good review, Ray has his work cut out for him. His chef (Graham Greene) doesn't want to cook meat, his loyal assistant (Sheila Tousey) is distracted by a particularly juicy romance novel, his handyman (Jonathan Joss) is busy flirting with the ski bunnies, his housekeeping staff has decided to turn the hotel into a daycare center and his father, a retired chief (Sam Valhos) just wants to win the Jeep Cherokee at the Christmas bingo. When a beautiful and mysterious young woman (Mariana Tosca) arrives from New York, she's mistaken for the critic, while the real one (M. Emmett Walsh) encounters one problem after the next.