Christmas at Maxwell's

Release date:December 1, 2006

Studio:Aloha Releasing

Director:William C. Laufer

MPAA Rating:PG (for thematic issues and brief mild language)


Starring:Andrew May, Jack Hourigan, Helen Welch, Lauren Dowden, Charlie May, Julia May, Robert Hawkes, Tracie Field,


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Plot Summary:

This Christmas will change the Austin family forever. With a successful career, two fantastic children and the love of his life at his side, Andrew Austin had everything. But an unseen diagnosis and unresolved regrets bring change and in an instant life no longer has the order and expectations it once held. As Suzie falls further into illness, Andrew and family quietly search for meaning and hope. Facing a hectic Christmas in the city, the family retreats to a beloved lake house to share possibly their final Christmas... Away from distractions their world opens up to an unforgettable moment in time. As the small community at the Lake brings them its own wonderments, hearts open in unseen ways. This Christmas they will learn to love and forgive, renewing their faith in the beauty of life.