Changing Times

Release date:July 14, 2006

Studio:Koch Lorber Films

Director:André Téchiné

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Gerard Depardieu, Catherine Deneuve, Gilbert Melki, Malik Zidi, Lubna Azabal


Plot Summary:

Antoine (Gérard Depardieu) is a French engineer who arrives in Tangiers to oversee the construction of a major television facility. But his real motive is to re-establish contact with Cécile (Catherine Deneuve), a woman he loved and lost thirty years before. While Antoine quietly pined for his lost love, Cécile all but forgot Antoine. Cécile lives in Tangiers with her younger Moroccan husband, Nathan (Gilbert Melki), and their adult son, Sami (Malik Zidi), who has just arrived from Paris with his partner Nadia (Lubna Azabal). After an awkward reunion, Antoine pushes hard to win Cécile back, sending roses, appearing uninvited at her home and office, and offering his love. As Cécile struggles to reconcile with Antoine’s sudden return, Nathan, Sami, and Nadia revisit ghosts of their own. When dramatic events intervene, Cécile and Antoine establish a new intimacy that’s very different from what either of them had ever known – or come to expect.