Captain Sabertooth

Release date:September 22, 2006

Studio:Indican Pictures

Director:Stig Bergqvist

MPAA Rating:PG (for mild adventure action)


Starring:Øystein Dolmen, Terje Formoe, Brit Elisabeth Haagensli, Helge Jordal, Mari Maurstad, Elisabeth Moberg, Finn Schau, Dennis Storhøi

Genre:Animation, Family

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Plot Summary:

In a world where magic and the impossible happen everyday one man rules -- the meanest, baddest pirate of them all, the original king of the Seven Seas; Captain Sabertooth. Aboard his menacing ship, the Dark Lady, the Captain searches near and far to discover the long lost, legendary treasure trove of Gory Gabriel. Aiding him in his quest is Tiny, the world's youngest pirate who dreams that one day Captain Sabertooth will come to see that Tiny is a real pirate and a brave one too. Tiny is mesmerized by a beautiful local girl from Luna Bay, Veronica whose destiny entwines with his as their fates collide and together they must fight and stop both fate and the legend -- Captain Sabertooth.