Blind Mountain

Release date:March 12, 2008

Studio:Kino International

Director:Li Yang

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Huang Lu, Yang You'an, Zhang Yuling, Yunle He, Jia Yinggao, Zhang Youping


Plot Summary:

In the early 1990s, when reforms allowed a new economic freedom for some Chinese citizens, an attractive, urbane young woman travels to a remote village in mountainous Shaanxi province for a job she has been promised. Instead, she is kidnapped, drugged, and sold into marriage. Huang Lu gives a stirring performance as the unwitting bride whose increasingly desperate and ingenious attempts to escape pit her against a corrupt community and its government enablers. Chinese filmmaker Li Yang previously exposed criminal scams in the Chinese mining industry in "Blind Shaft," which premiered at Film Forum in 2004. Here, he is inspired by the horrific reality of human trafficking. Real-life kidnapped brides were cast in several roles as well as a police officer who claims to have rescued as many as 200 brides.