Billy the Kid

Release date:December 5, 2007

Studio:Elephant Eye Films

Director:Jennifer Venditti

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Billy P., Penny Baker, Heather Pelletier


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Plot Summary:

Growing up in small-town Maine, Billy is, in some ways, much like other teenage boys. He's into heavy metal and horror movies and is desperate to find a girlfriend. But in most other ways Billy is an outsider. His self-confessed "issues" can send him into rages, and he often retreats into the world of his imagination – a world of superheroes, poets and fictional characters. Supported by a mother who encourages his unique intelligence and unflagging sincerity, Billy is a disarmingly candid guide to his own self-discovery. Venditti invites us to see the world through Billy's eyes, as he cycles the quiet streets of his town, practices guitar and karate, forms awkward friendships, and experiences the exhilarating pangs of first love. Largely told in Billy's own words and filmed with vérité immediacy, "Billy the Kid" is a richly layered snapshot of adolescence – funny, painful, moving, and constantly revealing.