Beyond Honor

Release date:March 17, 2006

Studio:International Film Circuit, Cine02

Director:Varun Khanna

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Wadie Andrawis, Ruth Osuna, Laurel Melagrano, Ryan Izay, Jason David Smith, Carl Darchuk

Genre:Drama, Thriller

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Plot Summary:

"Beyond Honor" is a heart-stopping, emotionally resonant portrayal of gender roles and the dynamics of power in a claustrophobic immigrant family living in Southern California. It is the story of Sahira Abdel-Karim, a young Egyptian-American woman torn between two cultures. The world of her father is decidedly Old World and tightly bound by tradition, while her world is contemporary America and its promise of personal freedom for all. But the American dream finally collapses for the entire Abdel-Karim family in a shocking event of barbaric proportions.